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Hunting with this Alaskan outfitter gives you the unique experience of personal attention, which means you will not get lost in the shuffle. As a small outfitter, he will work with you on every facet of your hunt to make it successful.

Dall Sheep
Conducted in the Denali National Preserve, this runs from August 10-September 20. Rams measuring 36-40 inches are not uncommon. It is usually booked a year in advance. Cost of ten day hunt for food, lodging (tent), and 1X1 guide $17000. You need to book one to two years in advance for this hunt.

There are two areas for moose hunting—The Denali Preserve and Alaskan Peninsula. Moose season is in September and usually coincides with the rut. Last year they were seven for seven in kills with four bulls well over 60 inches. This ten day hunt includes lodging (tent), food, and 1X1 guide and costs $18000.

Brown Bear
This hunt gives you the opportunity to hunt the largest brown bears in the world. Hunts are conducted on Alaskan Peninsula. It is very possible to kill a nine to ten foot or larger bear! These monster bears live in some of the most remote and rugged country left in the world. You will stay in comfortable tent camps or a lodge that provides excellent accommodations. Spring hunts start in April and run through May. Fall season starts in October and runs through November. Peninsula hunt is $18000.

Interior Grizzly
This is a spot and stalk hunt taking place in the Denali Preserve concession. This outfitter targets only mature males which can grow to nine feet but the average is around 7’ 6” to eight feet. Season runs early April through May in the spring. And August well into November for the fall. Cost for this ten day hunt is $15000. Taxes and license extra

Kodiak Black-tailed Deer (Sitka Species)
This is a five day fun hunt based out of a cabin or lodge. The season runs from Aug.1 to Dec. 31. Hunt includes food, and 1X1 guide service for $5500 plus license and taxes.

Bison (Free Range)
This three day hunt is on Kodiak Island. It includes food, lodging and 1X1 guide service. Cost is $6000 plus taxes and license. Deer and bison can be a combo hunt for $9800.

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