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NewfoundlandArchery & Rifle
Eastern Canadian Moose are found in abundance in this eastern Canadian province. You will be staying in a completely modern rustic lodge that offers all the comforts of home, including home cooked meals. This camp has had an 85% opportunity in 2012 with an 80% kill. This is both a stand and spot and stalk hunt. This outfitter has exclusive rights to hunt this area, and because of its remoteness there is very little local hunting. The guides are excellent and the outfitter is a true professional. The cost of this hunt is $4150 including license and taxes for a 1×1 hunt.  Moose and Caribou combo is $7200 for a five and a half day hunt 1×1. All licenses and taxes included.

Newfoundland Grand Slam
This is a combo hunt including one moose, one caribou, and one bait or spot and stalk bear. Cost $7600 for a 1×1 hunt all licenses and taxes are included.

SaskatchewanArchery – Muzzleloader – Rifle
This hunt is located in a very remote area of Saskatchewan. Most of the hunting is by boat. The average size over the last few years has been 47 inches with a 50 in. plus killed most years. Food, lodging, and 1X1 guide runs $6400 plus license and taxes. I have been to this camp and it is operated by a great family. They will give you 100%!!!

This is a ten day rut hunt located in the wilderness area of northwest Alberta. For 2011 this outfitter had a 75% kill. Hunt includes food, lodging, and 2X1 guide service. Cost is $6900 license and taxes are extra. The dates for this hunt are the last of September through the beginning of October. You may also hunt for black bear for $2000 or mule deer for $2000. Wolves may be taken on this hunt for the price of a license. It makes it a very exciting hunt.

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