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*All hunts are fair chase and all prices are in U.S. currency.

Northwest Montana
This hunt is an outstanding combo hunt for elk and mule deer. You will be hunting out of a contemporary log lodge with all the modern conveniences. You may shoot one elk and either one whitetail or one mule deer. This is probably the best comb hunt that Montana has to offer. Six day 1×1 guided hunt for $4500 including food, lodging, and guide. If there are two hunters who would like to hunt with one guide the cost is $4200 per hunter. Must apply for license by Mar. 15. Last year was 100 % draw. Archery combo hunts are also available with 1×1 guide for $4000. You may harvest one elk, one deer, and one bear on this hunt. A six day 2×1 hunt is $3700. Hunting dates are Sept. 7-Oct. 19.

New Mexico(Archery)
Some of the most outstanding hunting for elk is found in unit 16b of the Gila Wilderness. Elk from 340 B.C. to 380 B.C. are common. This outfitter has been hunting the Gila for many years and has a great track record for mature bull elk. It is a seven-day horseback hunt for $3800 includes food, lodging, and 2×1 guide. License and taxes are extra. Hunt dates are September 1-24. This is a draw area. Draw deadline is April 5, 2013. This year one of their hunters killed an 8X9 that scored 380!

New Mexico(Rifle)
Five-day horseback hunt in unit 16b of the Gila Wilderness. This is a high success and high quality hunt. Draw area. Draw deadline is April 5, 2013. Total cost $3950 includes food, lodging, and 2X1 guide service. License and taxes extra. This is truly a hunt of a lifetime. Every year one of my hunters has harvested a 360 class bull or better.

WyomingArchery – Muzzleloader – Rifle
This is a seven day 1X1 includes lodging and guide for $5800. They were 90% successful last year. Cow elk hunt 2X1 $2200 for five days food, lodging and guide included. License extra. Deadline for license is Jan. 31, 2013. Horseback hunt and tents.

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