Black Bear

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Black Bear

QuebecArchery – Crossbow – Muzzleloader
This is a brand new 100 square mile territory opening this year. This territory is being run by an experienced guide and outfitter. My wife and I stopped there last year, and the cabins and food were excellent. I am considering a hunt there this spring and expect 100% opportunity for my hunters. Hunts will run from the middle of May to the middle of June. The cost of this hunt is $2500 for six days of hunting and all meals. Transportation and guide included. Licenses are extra.

Northern Saskatchewan (Spring) – Archery (Crossbow) – Rifle – Muzzleloader
For 21 years this family has owned and operated one of the most successful bear camps in Saskatchewan. They have repeat hunters who have returned as many as eight times in a row. Last year they had 100% opportunity with a 400+ lb. bear shot every year. There is a 20% color phase. It is located next to a provincial park (in which hunting is not permitted.) Nice lodge with meals – how can I describe them?—SUPER — comes to mind! The guides are extremely knowledgeable about the bears and the area they are hunting in. The cost for five full days of hunting plus all of the above is $2500 taxes and license not included. In 2012, I saw over 19 bears in five days of hunting. One night in the stand I saw seven different bears. 100 % opportunity every year. Check out this page for a video of last year’s bear hunt.

Manitoba Trophy Bear Hunt (Spring) – Archery – Rifle – Muzzleloader
How would you like to have the opportunity to hunt huge black bear weighing 350-500 lbs. in the spring with BC measurements from 19 1/2” to 21”?  You now have the opportunity to hunt with this outfitter at a remote fly-in outpost camp. There is a 30% color phase with a harvest rate of 95-100%. In 2012 there was only one hunter in Runner Lake Camp, and he killed a beautiful black bear. This camp will be open to six hunters only this year. Murray Lake Camp has not been hunted in three years. We still have room for two hunters in 2015. You fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba and from there the outfitter will fly you to the main camp in Northern Manitoba. Bring your fishing rod and catch some trophy Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout while you are there. We caught several Northerns last year over 41 inches. Boats and motors are provided. Total combo package is $4375 airfare from Winnipeg, meals, lodging, and guide service included. The Runner Lake hunt is June 12th to 20th. We can also set up fabulous fishing trips with this outfitter (four or eight day duration). Licenses and taxes are not included.  Murray Lake camp has not been hunted for five years. I need four hunters to open this camp with a discount of $200 per hunter. The per hunter cost would be $4175. This outfitter has three trophy bear camps, and he only hunts each camp one week per year.

Northern Ontario (Fall) – Archery (Crossbow) – Rifle – Muzzleloader
If you are looking for an outstanding black bear hunt at a reasonable price this is your hunt!  This outfitter in Northern Ontario is one of the best.   Great cabins with stove, utensils, coffee maker and microwave; all you need to bring is the food. There is also a local restaurant if you don’t feel like cooking.  Every year they kill numerous large bear.  This past season a bear was killed that weighed over 500 lbs, along with several just under 400 lbs.  Hunters went 16 for 19 on killing bears, with one hunter missing three bear.  100% opportunity! Great stands over active baits. This is a 6 day hunt for $1495 plus tax and tags. You can add a wolf to your hunt for $500 plus license. What a deal!!!!

Newfoundland (Spring & Fall – Two Bear Area)Archery – Rifle – Muzzleloader
Some of the largest Black Bear today are being shot on the rugged island of Newfoundland. This outfitter is located in one of the best bear areas to be found.  There are huge bear in this outfitter’s territory. In fact, this area is over-run with bear. They have had 90% success rate over the past six years. It is a 5-day (two bear) baited hunt with the cost of the license included in the price of $3100 taxes included. One bear $2350 minimum two hunters. There is a minimum of four hunters on this hunt in the spring. Great lodge, excellent food, and you are treated like royalty.

Alaska (Spring) – Archery  – Muzzleloader – Riffle
According to Petersons Hunting Magazine, The Prince of Wales in southern Alaska is one of the top 5 places to hunt for large black bear.  If you are looking for an amazing spot and stalk hunt for some of the biggest black bear in North America this is the hunt for you!  Hunt from a 50ft luxury boat. 4 hunters per trip.  In the past this outfitter has had 100 % opportunity on large bear. This six day hunt consists of food and lodging for $4800 plus license. May 15 – 30.

New Brunswick (Spring & Fall) – Archery – Rifle – Muzzleloader
Spring or fall. This outfitter has been established in this area for many years with a solid track record of close to 100% opportunity. A few years ago one of his hunters shot a spring bear that weighed 51- lbs. on the scales. Cost of this hunt is $1800 and includes home cooked meals, accommodations, guide, on site transportation and game preparation. The season runs mid-April to mid-June.

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