Whitetail Deer

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Whitetail Deer

Northern SaskatchewanArchery—Rifle—Muzzleloader
If you have ever dreamed of hunting for heavy, chocolate-racked monsters this is the perfect destination for you. This camp is located in north-central Saskatchewan and offers some of the most exciting white-tail hunting you can find anywhere. This is a family-run operation on 280 square miles of provincial forest, which borders the Prince Albert National Park. This outfitter runs one of the best camps that I have ever hunted. You will hunt for 5 ½ days in heated stands overlooking baited sites. The hunt includes food, lodging, 2×1 guide, plus trophy preparation. The cost is $3,950 plus license.  This is the place for huge bucks. This past year my hunters went 8 X 10, and the camp overall went 16 X 20. All hunters had 100% opportunity. Our average buck scored 142.

Wyoming/South DakotaArchery—Rifle
An important reason to hunt with this outfitter, besides the fact that he is a tremendous guide and outfitter, and his wife is a fantastic cook, is that this area is teaming with wildlife! A couple of years ago I hunted there and white tail and mule deer were everywhere. Their six-day archery hunt boasts 100 % opportunity with an 80% kill rate. This hunt runs $3750, and you can hunt in either Wyoming or South Dakota. Food, lodging, and guide service is included. A five day rifle hunt is $4400 with food, lodging, spectacular scenery, and guide service included. Antelope may be added for $1800. A six day trophy hunt – two deer- two states – runs $6900 – 100 % kill last year. Prices do not include license or taxes. Deer draw Jan. 1-Mar. 15 with 100% draw.

South Carolina
Six deer limit! Four day hunt. Food lodging and guide provided. Located on a southern plantation on 4500 acres of privately owned and managed property with cedar and oaks trees complete with Spanish moss. Includes great Southern Hospitality! The food – especially the fried chicken – is fantastic. They have over 30 stands plus two dozen blinds. It is the perfect place to take your spouse, son, and/or daughter. Cost is $1,950 plus license for a four day hunt. Three day hunt $1650. Hogs may be added for $150.  Non-hunters are $150 per day.

Missouri Archery—Rifle—Muzzleloader

This is a great deer hunting area, six miles from the Iowa border and 20 miles from the Illinois border. The hunting area consists of 4,000 private acres of farms with wood lots and creek bottoms. I hunted last year with this outfitter and cannot say enough good things about him and his family. Six day hunt consists of meals, lodging, and 2X1 guide service. Archery hunts $1950-$2260. Muzzleloader hunts $1950-$2650. Cost depends on the week of the season. License available over the counter – no draw.

Alberta (Northern Area) – Archery—Rifle—Muzzleloader

This outfitter’s area consists of 1600 square miles of a combination of farmland and wilderness. The outfitter is taking large bucks off this property year in and year out scoring 150 B.C to 190 B.C. with close to 100% opportunity and 75% kill. The cost of this hunt is $5000 including six days of hunting, food, lodging, and guide. License, taxes and wolf tag are all included. Heated stands are available. Archery hunts are also available at a cost of $4500. Last year there were only five hunters on this property. They saw plenty of deer with three shooting deer in the 150-160 range and the other two passing on 150 class whitetail. They only take four hunters per week.

This outfitter is located in Southeast section of the state. His leases consist of several thousand acres in three different counties. Archery hunts are five days allowing one buck with a minimum of 15 inch spread and one doe for $2250. This includes lodging, tree stands, and food. Muzzleloader hunts are one buck with a minimum of 15 inch spread and one doe for four days for $3050. Last year, 31 out of 36 hunters shot. Bucks killed last year scored in the high 130’s to 190 + P&Y, including 2 in the 170’s and several over 145.

New BrunswickArchery (Crossbow) – Rifle
This outfitter’s deer hunts focus on big bucks. These impressive giants sport heavy racks and body weights that exceed 200 lbs. field dressed. This five day hunt runs $2000 plus license. Pricing includes accommodations, large home cooked meals, guide, on-site transportation, and game preparation.

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